Vienna 2015: Call for Delegations

Dear Teachers and future Delegates,

From the 1st to the 4th of May 2015 we will be hosting our 
16th National Selection Conference in Vienna, to which we kindly invite delegations from schools all over the country. We are looking for 10 delegations consisting of four motivated students, aged at least 16 years old, who are eager to find out more about the EYP.

At EYP sessions delegates will form committees, guided by chairpersons. These committees will participate in professionally planned team building activities and then discuss a challenging European topic. At the end of the Session, participants will simulate parliamentary debates in General Assembly.

The session will be dedicated to the theme „One in Many, Many as One – Identity in an integrated Europe“. A motivated and experienced Team of Organisers led by the Head-Organisers Maria Köpping and Julia König, is working hard to make this Session an unforgettable experience for everyone involved and thereby comfort all your needs during the Session. The competent Chairs Team will be led by the president of the Session Christian Macht (DE). The skillful Media Team, which will create videos, an issue and take a lot of pictures capturing unforgettable memories, will be led by Jeroen de Marteau (BE) and Marek Navrátil (CZ).

To find out more about this event we strongly encourage you to like the session on Facebook.

To apply, please fill out the Application Form and submit it by the 17th of April, 23:59 to