Tulln 2012 Organisers’ Weekend

On the weekend from the 21. to 22. July, the organisers of the European Youth Forum Tulln 2012 gathered to prepare for the session. On Saturday morning, the organisers met at the train station in Tulln and made a tour through the city to get to know and explore the surroundings of the session as well as the venues.

Tulln is one of the most beautiful cities in Austria and the green area along the Danube will provide a perfect place for teambuilding at the session. After having visited the main square of Tulln, the organisers sat down next to the Danube to have a picnic. The entire afternoon was used for teambuilding (led by Head-Organiser Fabian Sommer) in order to prepare the organisers for intense work at the session.
In the evening, the organisers returned to Vienna for dinner and some socialising.

On Sunday, the organisers met in Vienna to work out the last details of the sessions and go through various plans for the session. The day turned out to be fun and revealed some very interesting discoveries. The organisers then returned home, even more motivated than before. The European Youth Forum is in very safe hands with this organising team and an exciting, enjoyable and interesting session can be expected.

We look forward to seeing you in Tulln!