Team Introductions – Part III

Today we are continuing our “Introduction to EYP Austria” series to showcase the third part of another big group of active members – the teams and assistants! Like every year some of our Board members are being supported by dedicated and hard-working volunteers who take on a variety of tasks within the portfolio. 

This time around we are happy to introduce our Cooperation Coordinator Jonas! This lovely individual is supporting Paula, our Board Member for Fundraising this year and we are so happy and thankful for the amazing work that he does! You can read his introduction below or very soon on our Instagram page: 


Hi! My name is Jonas and I am 22 years old. Originally I am from Lower Austria but now living in Vienna, where I am studying law at the University of Vienna. In this year’s board term, I am serving as Cooperation Coordinator for the board member for Fundraising, Paula.

Having been a member of EYP since I was a student in school, I have experienced first-hand the lively and truly transnational exchanges this unique organisation provides. Therefore, I am thrilled to work alongside the whole board and do my part to secure as well as strengthen the partnerships necessary to continue EYP Austria’s endeavours.