Team Introductions – Part II

After having introduced our Board and our Head-Organisers the “Introduction to EYP Austria” series is now moving on to the next big group of active members – the teams and/or assistants! Like every year some of our Board members are being supported by dedicated and hard-working volunteers who take on a variety of tasks within the portfolio. 

This time around we are happy to introduce our largest team this year – the PR Team! These lovely individuals are supporting Anna, our Board Member for Public Relations in the areas of communication and graphic design this year. We are so happy and thankful for all the amazing work that they do! You can read their introductions below or very soon on our Instagram page: 



Hello there.  I am Severin new to the pr team and ready give it my best shot. Born and raised in the beautiful city Vienna I am already 19 and studying philosophy at the university here.  I am very looking forward to do some great pr work for our EYP community and be as helpful as I can be. I love to be creative and read, write and play volleyball.


Hey there! My name is Selina and I am 20 years old. I study law and international law at the University of Vienna and am currently in my third semester. Unfortunately, I don’t have any siblings (although I’ve always wished for one), but I’ve got three cats instead, whom I totally adore. In my free time I love to read and write, play football (although I am not really good at it), meet up with friends and listen to all kinds of music.


Hey everyone! My name is Lea and I am happy to be part of this years PR-Team of EYP Austria. I am currently in my last year of high school and want to study political science and german studies afterwards. In my free time I love to sing in a vocal ensemble based in my home village as well as discuss current political issues. I am looking forward to realising a lot of cool projects this year!


Hello people, my name is Theo and I’m a fake Austrian. Being born in Bulgaria and now living in Vienna is one of my interesting facts. Contributing to EYP and giving back to the community that has already given me so much, is my goal for this year’s PR Team and in general, as I’m also head-organising the RSC Vienna 2023, which you should definitely join.

Graphic Design


Hi, my name is Anna-Lena and I am 16 years old. I currently attend a school for Art and Design, specialising in Graphic and Communication Design in Graz, which is also where I live.

Aside from school, I play Lacrosse and when there is some spare time left, I like to read, hang out with friends or play the guitar.

I am really looking forward to contributing creatively to the PR Team and implementing a lot of great projects!


Hey, I’m Caroline! I am an Austrian student in the Netherlands, a freelance graphic designer and a dedicated EYP cheerleader! Through my skills with graphics I help out with the logos and am a proud member of the PR team! I love art and dancing and cuddling my dog (who doesn’t hehe).