Surfrider Eurocean’s Youth

Surfrider Foundation Europe is launching a Call for the Ocean to create a network of European ambassadors for the maritime world and will recruit 120 young Europeans from all EU Member States. 

Women, men, sailors and neophytes will be trained and put in contact with experts on these two topics: shipping and jobs related to the sea. They will create a maritime network and develop a vision of the maritime world’s future during high-ranking events in 2022 (UN Ocean Conference, World Ocean Day, Ocean Decade Activity in the framework of the Ocean Decade launched by UNESCO, European Maritime Day…). 

The network will meet during an immersive week with cultural exchange and experiments in La Rochelle, France, in February 2022. This week will be fully organised and covered by Surfrider Europe in collaboration with the French Ministry of the Sea and the municipality of La Rochelle.  

With some Austrian candidates missing, you can still apply to become an ambassador. Find out more here.