Summer Event 2011

On the weekend from the 1st to 3rd of July members of EYP Austria came together in Carinthia at the lake “Ossiachersee” to officially start the EYP summer season. This summer event was one of EYP Austria’s socialising events and was organised by the lovely Lia Pachler and Jelena Stevanović.

When talking about a summer event, one usually associates sunny weather, high temperatures and the sea or a lake. Summer is said to be the warmest of all four seasons with the most sunshine hours and rain is not expected to occur very often. Unfortunately, this year’s summer is not one of the best. To be more precise, it’s the coldest summer in many years.

Looking at the weather from the past few weeks, we were pretty lucky back then, at the beginning of July. We had a mixture of clouds and sunshine, a little bit of rain and the temperatures were quite moderate.

Apart from the weather we were staying in a very nice trailer park, spent a wonderful time at the lake “Ossiachersee” and had awesome evenings and nights. Check out the photos of the event to get an impression what you missed!

We can’t wait for the start of summer event 2012 and deeply hope that the weather will be better next summer.

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