Strategy Meeting 2023

Following a seven (now eight) year tradition EYP Austria held its annual Strategy Meeting this past weekend on 18 March in Vienna. 

Like its predecessors, the 8th EYP Austria Strategy Meeting focused on the organisation’s medium-

and long-term perspective. We invited our members – new and long-time alike, as well as alumni to share their ideas on important focus areas to improve our organisation further whilst staying in

touch with the wishes and needs of the volunteers who keep it alive.

Based on an analysis by the Board and the input of members the topics of this years meeting were Fundraising and Event Formats. All of the Strategy Meeting outcomes will be further discussed within the Board, which is committed to implementing ideas stemming from the meeting. A full report about the outcomes of the meeting will be published at a later date and shared with the members of EYP Austria. 

The Board would like to thank the engaged members who attended the event and thereby invested their time in the future of EYP Austria!