Selection Report for Media Team and Jury Members of the NYS Salzburg 2016

The Selection of 10 Media Team Members and 3 Jury Members for EYP Austria’s National Youth Summit Salzburg 2016 has been completed.

The Media Team will be composed of the two session Editors, one Video Editor, one Photo Editor and eight Journalists. The Jury will be composed of one Head of Jury, three Jury Members and one additional Jury Member representing the Board of EYP Austria. With this, we proudly present to you our Media Team and Jury of the National Youth Summit 2016:

Media Team

  • Manon Schürch (Editor, CH)
  • Tom Wolfskämpf (Editor, DE)
  • Jannis Betschki (Video Editor, AT)
  • Aino Röyskö (Photo Editor, FI)
  • Mikaella Christodouolidi (CY)
  • Özgür Gencer (TR)
  • Ekaterina Gurevich (CH)
  • Tarik Lazouni (CH)
  • Eike Plhak (DE)
  • Lydia Purschke (DE)
  • Caspar Spillmann (CH)
  • Eylül Yalcinkaya (TR)


  • Beáta Veisová (Head of Jury, CZ)
  • Raphael Bek (AT)
  • Marek Haisl (CZ)
  • Maria Köpping (Board Representative, AT)
  • David Plahl (DE)

For more information please refer to the selection report.