Selection Report for Editors, Vice-Presidents and Chairpersons of the NYS Salzburg 2016

The Selection Panel has concluded the selection of two Editors, three Vice-Presidents and 13 Chairpersons for EYP Austria’s National Youth Summit Salzburg 2016:


  • Manon Schürch (CH)
  • Tom Wolfskämpf (DE)


  • Michal Koláček (CZ)
  • Tobias Satlow (AT)
  • Joana Cavaco (PT)


  • Stella Benfatto (FR)
  • Adelaide di Maggio (PL)
  • Toni Dirlinger (AT)
  • Christian Gruber (AT)
  • Fabian Grünewald (DE)
  • Tamina Huber (AT)
  • Saramaria Kalkku (FI)
  • Laurynas Keturakis (LT)
  • Fabian Krutzler (AT)
  • Hans Näsman (FI)
  • Finja Strehmann (AT)
  • Alyona Vyshnevska (UA)
  • Yannick Weber (CH)

We want to thank all applicants once more for the time and efforts invested in their applications. Details about the selection can be found in the selection report.