Report: September Jour Fixe Graz

The Jour Fixe in Graz (15. September 2012) was attended by 15 EYP-ers. We are proud to tell you that also Linz, Vienna and Greece were represented!

Before the Jour Fixe, we had a social event, organised by EYP Styria: we watched the movie ‘One day in Europe’. 4 cities, 8 languages and a wave of robberies on the day of football’s Champion’s League final. Welcome to Europe!

At the Jour Fixe, there were a lot of recent events to be discussed. Meanwhile, we were able to present upcoming projects: the National Conference 2013 in Linz, the European Youth Forum Graz 2013 on Science and Development, and of course the Austrian EYP Days in autumn and winter 2012/13.
Next, all participants did a quick brainstorming on how EYP is perceived by students, teachers, and supporters. Regional Coordinators Nina Thomic and Teresa Gisinger contributed to the Jour Fixe by premiering the new EYP Vienna video.

Another exciting part of the Jour Fixe in Graz was the Red & Blue game where economic strategy was highly in demand.

After the Jour Fixe, all participants joined for a nice dinner and socialising. We would like to thank all participants of the Jour Fixe for a lovely event and we look forward to inviting everyone to our next Jour Fixe in Linz.
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