Project Access

Have you ever thought about applying to Cambridge, Harvard, ETH or another international top university? If so, Project Access is there to help you. 

We are a group of students at such universities and offer support to everybody, who thinks about applying themselves, for free. For example, we offer a 1 to 1 peer tutoring program where you can sign up to get a mentor who helps you throughout the application process. 

Our yearly highlight is the Bootcamp, a four day event in summer, where we will teach you everything you need to know about the application processes at international universities. In- and outside the seminars there will be enough time for you to ask all your questions and talk to us about our personal experiences. There will be groups focusing on undergraduate as well as postgraduate applications, so no matter which degree you want to apply for, the Bootcamp is a one of a kind opportunity to learn the necessary skills and meet likeminded people, and it is completely free. 

If you are interested, why not apply for the Bootcamp here: 

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