Opportunities at the Central European University (CEU)

Our partners at CEU, who will be hosting us for our National Session Vienna this week, have some interesting study opportunities for you!

Spring Open Day at the Political Science Department | today, 27 April
The English taught MA programs in Political Science attract an outstanding selection of a well-qualified, diverse body of students. The programs target both future academics and students who wish to pursue professions in non-academic jobs requiring considerable skills in social and political analysis, typically in the civil service, the news media, NGOs, political and cultural organisations, and private businesses. With the original scholarship, basic and applied research, and creative instructors constituting an essential core from which to draw, graduate work at the department attracts an outstanding selection of uniquely qualified students.

If you want to know more about CEU’s Political Science master’s programs, they invite you to their Department’s Open Day today, 27 April, starting at 12:15 pm.
You can find all details and the registration form here.

About the Central European University (CEU)
Central European University is an undergraduate- and graduate-level “crossroads” university where faculty and students from more than 100 countries come to engage in interdisciplinary education, pursue advanced scholarship, and address some of society’s most vexing problems.

CEU is accredited in the United States, Austria, and Hungary, and offers English-language bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral programs in the social sciences, the humanities, law, management and public policy. Located in the heart of Central Europe – in Vienna and Budapest – CEU has a distinct academic and intellectual focus, combining the comparative study of the region’s historical, cultural, and social diversity with a global perspective on good governance, sustainable development and social transformation.

CEU is known for excellence in teaching and research—with purpose. At the core of its mission lies a set of principles: the pursuit of truth wherever it leads, respect for the diversity of cultures and peoples, and commitment to resolve differences through debate not denial.