6. Istanbul Youth Forum

The 6th Istanbul Youth forum was held between May 16-22, 2011. Following the great success of the previous events and with a revised and an extended session programme, EYP Turkey aimed for an event with even higher standards.
With the cultural diversity of Istanbul at the background, around 125 delegates from over 15 European countries will come together to participate in a seven-day packed programme, including the basic EYP elements, as well as numerous social events.

Austria was represented by a delegation of five, as well as one chairperson and a journalist at the session. Indeed, the session managed to live up to the high-set standards – congratulations!

Worth a read: the ↓ Resolution Booklet of the 6th Istanbul Youth Forum

12th National Conference in Vienna

Like last year, the National Conference in cooperation with the Young European Federalists took place in Vienna. With 100 delegates from Austria, the Czech Republic, Finnland and Croatia, it was one of the biggest sessions of the Austrian EYP.

Under the Motto ‘Heroes of everyday life’ we not only saw heroic costumes in one of the evening events, but also heroic progress at team-building and committee work. During the traditional Austrian-Village regional specialities could be enjoyed together with interesting details about the according respective regions. Afterwards, every committee presented themselves in a short and entertaining sketch about their topic, which aroused the other participants’ curiousity.
In only four days, the EYP-newbies became true experts, which they proved during the General Assembly on monday. Another highlight was the the evening at the Estergazy-Keller, which was an especially interesting experience for our international participants.

The coordination of the event went well, thanks to the short distances between venues as well as the good preparation by the organising-team. Also, the mainly positive feedback from the participants hints that this session was a full success.

Photo from the General Assembly. (Find more photos on the official Facebook Page of the Session)

Looking For Schools: Youthparliament @ School

Have you heard of EYP and never made it to a session? OR are you interested in politics and like debating about pan-European issues?

Or are you a teacher and willing to give your students the opportunity to get to know EYP?

“Youthparliament @ School” is an event organised by EYP Austria to give new schools the possibility to participate in an EYP event. From the 23rd to 25th of March 2011 EYP Officials will travel from Vienna to Graz and to Linz to hold three one-day EYP sessions in a school in each city. Participants from other schools of this city are very welcomed to attend the event and get in touch with EYP.

Interested? Contact the Heard-Organisers via schooldays@eypaustria.org and you will get more information on how to participate.

December Agenda

After a successful autumn assembly in Graz, EYP-ers were kept wondering about what happens next. Snow has fallen all over Austria and many other things settled in the past couple of days. Details shall be provided at our Christmas Jour Fixe. Also under the christmas tree for Austrian EYP-ers is a chairs’ training. Participants will learn about team-building, managing discussions and handling several other aspects of group and committee work.

We invite you to join us at the Christmas Jour Fixe

Date: 12th December
Time: 4pm to 7pm
Place: JEF headquarters; Lassingleithnerplatz 2/3, Vienna

Everybody who is involved interested in or curious about EYP Austria is more than welcome to the Christmas Jour Fixe!

RSVP to the Christmas Jour Fixe on Facebook 😉

EYP School Days – “Youthparliament @ School”

EYP is coming to a school near you from March 23rd to 25th in Vienna, Graz and Linz.

Application for Schools are now open!

Invitation to our Jour Fixe

Jour Fixe! :)EYP Austria holds its first Jour Fixe after the new Board election in June.

Everyone to whom applies the following is welcome:

  • You have heard of EYP and want to get involved
  • You want to get to know your new Board members Masy, Chrissi, Georg, Little Masy and Schima
  • You want to know about the session concept of the upcoming National Selection Conference in 2011
  • You are eager to discuss and plan upcoming EYP Austria events/sessions
  • You want to share futuristic EYP Austria ideas
  • You would like to share fears, thoughts, complaints

When: 3. October, 15:30 to 18:30
Where: JEF Headquarters, Lassingleithnerplatz 2/3 (near U4 Schwedenplatz)

The NSC 2011 Orga Team and the EYP Austria Board are looking forward to see YOU!

PS.: Facebook event 😉