Europe Day 2022 in Vienna | 7 May

To get in the mood for Europe Day 2022, Vienna goes Europe is organising a European cultural event on Saturday, 7 May, at Mariahilfer Straße from 12 to 6 pm. In addition to a stage program with music, dance, poetry slam and discussions, there will also be information stands and hands-on stations from various European countries where visitors can get to know different cultures and find out about EU projects. Find out more on Instagram and Facebook – and expect EYP Austria to be there as well!

Volksbegehren Information Evening | 5 May

With the endorsement week for seven petitions (Volksbegehren) from 2 to 9 May on the horizon in Austria, we want to offer an insight into what petitions are, how they work and which ones you can currently support in Austria. Additionally, we will talk about European Citizens’ Initiatives – the EU version of such petitions.

The event is taking place on Thursday, 5 May, at 20:00 CEST on Zoom. Just click on the link here to join the meeting at the mentioned time:
Meeting ID: 679 7862 5256
Passcode: 054413 If you’re still new to EYP or have never participated in one of our events, you’re also very welcome to join, as there will be the opportunity to get some information on EYP Austria and EYP in general for those interested.
Just indicate if you intend to come via Facebook or by filling out our Google Form. For further information, you can contact Philipp Leindl, who is in charge of the Socialising.

Volksbegehren Information Campaign

With the endorsement week for seven petitions (Volksbegehren) from 2 to 9 May on the horizon in Austria, we would like to draw your attention to the chance to commit active citizenship!

Austrian citizens who are 16 or older can sign these petitions either online via (requiring a phone signature or citizen card) or in any municipality, regardless of their place of residence. If they receive 100,000 signatures, the petitions in question will be handed to the National Assembly, where they will be the subject of a plenary debate. Currently, there are also 47 petitions in the support phase – if they receive 8,401 statements of support, they will also get an endorsement week. Two more petitions will have their endorsement week later this year in June.

For further information, you can visit (German only). Additionally, we are compiling a Drive folder with relevant information in English – make sure to check it out and make your voice heard!
There will also be an online information event on 5 May at 20:00 CEST hosted by Philipp Leindl, offering insight into what petitions are, how they work and which ones you can currently support in Austria. Additionally, we will talk about European Citizens’ Initiatives – the EU version of such petitions. More information on the event coming soon!

Youth Poll on the Future of Europe

As part of the project Young Opinions on the Future of Europe implemented by the International Office (IO) of the EYP with the support of the European Parliament, you can make your voice heard and share your opinion on how Europe’s future should look like by filling in this poll.

The poll aims to get a better understanding of your expectations for the Conference on the Future of Europe and, more importantly, your future in Europe. We ask you to take around 20 minutes to evaluate the relevance of important European topics for you, and share your stance on some of the proposals and ideas outlined in the poll. Almost none of the questions in this poll are mandatory, and most of them are multiple-choice – we therefore strongly encourage you to complete the survey once you have started it. Upon completion, the findings and results of this poll will be shared with representatives of the EU institutions.

Pauline Chetail as Executive Director of the EYP

Pauline Chetail 🇫🇷 has been selected as Executive Director of the EYP during the maternity leave of Anya Suprunenko, starting on 2 May, for one year.

Pauline is an EYP alumna (active between 2008 and 2017; she notably served on the BNC Board in 2013-15), and she used to be the public funding manager of a prominent European think tank (Bruegel). Pauline is an experienced project manager and team supervisor, and she has a track record in fundraising and managing non-profit organisations’ programmes.

You can read her welcome words to the EYP community on the EYP Website here.

Pauline has recently started at the office and will work in parallel with Anya for introductions and handover to ensure a smooth transition. From 1 May 2022, Pauline then takes over completely. You can reach Pauline via

Opportunities at the Central European University (CEU)

Our partners at CEU, who will be hosting us for our National Session Vienna this week, have some interesting study opportunities for you!

Spring Open Day at the Political Science Department | today, 27 April
The English taught MA programs in Political Science attract an outstanding selection of a well-qualified, diverse body of students. The programs target both future academics and students who wish to pursue professions in non-academic jobs requiring considerable skills in social and political analysis, typically in the civil service, the news media, NGOs, political and cultural organisations, and private businesses. With the original scholarship, basic and applied research, and creative instructors constituting an essential core from which to draw, graduate work at the department attracts an outstanding selection of uniquely qualified students.

If you want to know more about CEU’s Political Science master’s programs, they invite you to their Department’s Open Day today, 27 April, starting at 12:15 pm.
You can find all details and the registration form here.

About the Central European University (CEU)
Central European University is an undergraduate- and graduate-level “crossroads” university where faculty and students from more than 100 countries come to engage in interdisciplinary education, pursue advanced scholarship, and address some of society’s most vexing problems.

CEU is accredited in the United States, Austria, and Hungary, and offers English-language bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral programs in the social sciences, the humanities, law, management and public policy. Located in the heart of Central Europe – in Vienna and Budapest – CEU has a distinct academic and intellectual focus, combining the comparative study of the region’s historical, cultural, and social diversity with a global perspective on good governance, sustainable development and social transformation.

CEU is known for excellence in teaching and research—with purpose. At the core of its mission lies a set of principles: the pursuit of truth wherever it leads, respect for the diversity of cultures and peoples, and commitment to resolve differences through debate not denial.

European Year of the Youth | Campaign by the Schwarzkopf Foundation

With a social media campaign for the European Year of the Youth under the hashtag #EYY2022, the Schwarzkopf Foundation wants to make young voices visible and show what is important for Europe’s future.
For this, the Schwarzkopf Foundation needs your participation: send them a short video in which you answer one of the following questions:  

  • What are your expectations and wishes related to the European Year of the Youth?
  • What does Europe mean to you? 
  • What is your vision for the future of Europe? // What are you advocating for in Europe?

Let your creativity run free and send us a plain video or an already edited reel: you can record a statement, interview friends, use photos and text, and be artistic – everything is possible.
The videos will be posted around 9 May – Europe Day – as reels on the Instagram channels @schwarzkopfstiftung & @eyp_network. 

Please note the following general conditions:  

  • The video should be max. 30 – 60 seconds long
  • Please record the video vertically with your mobile phone
  • Pay attention to lighting and sound quality 
  • Make sure to not use other people’s videos/photos for which you don’t have the rights of use
  • If you film others – ask for their permission
  • If you want to be tagged in your video, send us your social media handle (@…)
  • If you would like to add a song to your reel: Send us the title and artist, and we will embed the song for you – or add it to the video right away 
  • If you want to create a reel directly on Instagram to use all editing tools, you can download the file just before posting and then send it to us (you have to press “next” once)

Send your video to by 26 April.