General Assembly election results

After the General Assembly on Sunday, we would like to announce the results of the elections for 2022/23 term:


  • President: Emily Usner
  • National Coordination & Vice-President: Lisa Weinberger
  • International Coordination & Vice-President: Elena Szegedi
  • Human Resources: Marcel Kranixfeld
  • Fundraising: Paula Kampits
  • Public Relations: Anna Windisch
  • Finances: Natalie Mullaeva
  • (no Board Member for IT & Data was elected)

Advisory Board

  • Philipp Leindl
  • Marvin Huber
  • Anna Tauber


  • Ferdinand Mayrhofer
  • Matthias Schwertner

We congratulate everyone on their positions and want to extend big thanks to our fellow exiting Board Members Hannah Aichhorn, Sophia Yazdani Biuki and Luca Peinsold, the exiting Advisory Board Member Lisa Fuchsberger, and the exiting Auditors Fiona Rechberg and Robin Hietz!
Additionally, we’re very grateful to the Electoral Commission made up of Patrick Deutschmann, Matthias Klonner and Maria Köpping, as well as the GA Secretaries Lea Speringer and Selina Schweng!

EYP Austria Buddy System

For those who missed the initial deadline, the Call for Senior Buddies is getting an extension!

As some of you may know, EYP Austria has developed a Buddy System over the last few years that connects new members with more experienced ones to create a support system within our organisation. New members (Junior Buddies) can ask questions concerning Sessions, the EYP in general etc., while experienced members (Senior Buddies) can share their knowledge with the “next generation” of the EYP.

We want to gather a pool of potential Senior Buddies, from which we can select Buddy Pairs. When selecting the pairs, we also try to consider the different interests and hobbies of the respective members so that we can manage to give you a perfect match as a buddy!
I hope many of you take part in this project, as we would love to give new members of EYP Austria the support they need and deserve. Make sure to register here until Friday, 17 June! For further information, you can contact Lisa Weinberger (+43 664 918 0717). Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

PBM#6 Report

During each Board term, the Board of EYP Austria meets several times to discuss important matters in person, with the Advisory Board typically attending to some degree for guidance. For its sixth and final “Physical Board Meeting” (PBM), the Board convened on two separate occasions, first physically and then digitally.
As with all PBMs, a report has been compiled to inform our Members of the subjects talked about there, as well as the results of modules that will have a concrete impact on the organisation. So make sure to check out the report of PBM#6 to get an insight into the happenings of the Board and EYP Austria at large! Most notably, the Board discussed the feedback of this year’s sessions to gather lessons learned and best practices for the future, updated and reported on the National Strategy, prepared for the transition to the next Board and the General Assembly, and worked on budgetary and financial matters.

Board Report International Coordination and IT & Data

As Ferdinand Mayrhofer will not be physically present at the General Assembly, he is sharing the Slides of his Board Report here beforehand. If you have any remarks or questions regarding his board report, please get in touch with him (via email, WhatsApp, Signal or Phone) until Saturday, 11 June, noon, to get a reply before the GA.

EYP Austria Hoodies

Apart from organisational democracy and meeting up with old and new friends, there’s a new reason to come to our General Assembly on 12 June: we will be selling the new lot of EYP Austria hoodies for € 36 a piece!
They can be bought through bank transfers only and picked up at the General Assembly. The € 36 transfers can either be done in advance (recommended) or on-site:

IBAN: AT341400004910800510
Reference: “Hoodie Name” (e.g., “Hoodie Philipp Leindl”)

Please consider that there are limited numbers of hoodies in each size, so we cannot guarantee that you will get one in your preferred size. For those unfamiliar, the hoodies in question are red and feature the EYP Austria logo.

Physical Board Meeting #1 2022/23

Based on insights of PBM#5, the current Board has decided to propose a nonbinding recommendation for the dates of the first Physical Board Meeting of the new Board that will be elected at the upcoming General Assembly.

Taking the availabilities of the current Board Members for transition modules into consideration, and in an attempt to promote a quick take-over and kick-off of the new Board period, the current Board is suggesting the weekend of 24–26 June. We encourage Board Member candidates to make time for a Physical Board Meeting on these dates whilst again stressing that this is a nonbinding recommendation and not a requirement for running for the Board.

EYP Austria General Assembly 2022 | 12 June

For a final time, we would like to remind you that our General Assembly 2022 is taking place at America HouseVienna at Friedrich-Schmidt-Platz 2, 1010 Vienna, on Sunday, 12 June, from 13:00 CEST onwards (admission starts at 12:30). Please note: Due to the security guidelines of our venue, you need to bring a valid ID which states your nationality (e.g. Passport, ID Card, Driver’s Licence). Otherwise, you won’t be allowed to enter the venue.

After the end of the General Assembly itself, there will be the option to go to a nearby restaurant together and socialise.

The following candidates have submitted manifestos to the Electoral Commission:

  • Emily Usner – Board (President)
  • Elena Szegedi – Board (International Coordination + VP)    
  • Paula Kampits – Board (Fundraising + VP) 
  • Lisa Weinberger – Board (National Coordination + VP)
  • Marcel Kranixfeld – Board (Finances)   
  • Natalie Mullaeva – Board (Finances)
  • Philipp Leindl – Advisory Board
  • Marvin Huber – Advisory Board  
  • Anna Tauber – Advisory Board 
  • Ferdinand Mayrhofer – Auditor
  • Matthias Schwertner – Auditor 
  • (no manifestos for the roles of Board Member for Human Resources, Public Relations, and IT & Data were submitted by the deadline of 3 June)

Members can find the manifestos here (please sign in with your or registered email address to access the folder). The Electoral Commission would like to remind everyone that there will also be an opportunity for ad-hoc applications for any board position at the General Assembly. You can reach out to them in case of any questions at

You can find all documents relevant to the General Assembly compiled in this folder. Here are the most important ones:

  • Notice of Date, including information on how to transfer your vote if you can’t come
  • Election Information, outlining the positions called for  and the process leading up to the elections
  • Agenda containing the programme

Since the General Assembly will include the elections for Board Members, Advisory Board Members and Auditors for the 2022/23 term and thereby have a significant impact on the organisation for the upcoming year, we encourage all members to check that they are still extraordinary members with voting rights (i.e. paying the annual membership fee) and participate in our organisational democracy! If you aren’t an extraordinary member yet, you can easily become one by following the steps on our website.

If you can’t make it to the event, you have the opportunity to transfer your vote until Saturday, 11 June, to someone who can come. For this, see further information in the Notice of Date and the Proxy Statement document. 

A YouTube Livestream of the event will be available on our EYP Austria YouTube channel, through which absent members can ask questions. We want to stress that online participants will not have voting rights!If you intend to come to the General Assembly, please indicate so using our Google Form! Additionally, you can add the event on Facebook.