EYP Austria goes Pride

With LGBTQIA+ pride celebrations this month calling for equality and fundamental rights, we wholeheartedly support the cause as EYP Austria.

Beyond, we want to make it easy for our members to participate, and are happy to have L Zöhrer (elke.zoehrer@eyp.at) as the EYP Austria contact person for Christopher Street Day Graz on 3 July. There will be more information on a meeting point and time as soon as there is more information on the event!

We are also still looking for (a) contact person(s) for the Pride Parade Vienna on 19 June. This just means organising a meeting point and time for the event so that people can gather for the parade and would be greatly appreciated! If you’re interested, please reach out to me (Philipp Leindl | philipp.leindl@eyp.at | +43 6645229286) or use the Socialising form mentioned below.

If you want to bring people together for a pride celebration in a different city, please let us know as well!

Stay loud and proud!

Europa-Forum Neumarkt | 9 – 11 July

The annual Europa-Forum Neumarkt is happening in a hybrid format from 9 to 11 July this year, with a limited number of participants coming together at Europaburg Forchtenstein. For those not able to join physically, parts of the programme will be live-streamed.

There will be discussions on politics, science and society with experts, focusing on a federal future for Europe, the European Green Deal, the COVID-19 crisis, digitalisation, and the Conference on the Future of Europe, among other topics.

Make sure to sign up for this exclusive event during which people of all ages will develop new visions for our continent!

General Assembly | 20 June

Our General Assembly is taking place on Zoom on Sunday, 20 June, from 13:00 CEST onwards, with admission starting at 12:30 CEST:

Meeting ID: 922 7023 8608
Passcode: eypaustria

We have already published the Notice of Date, Proxy Statement, Election Information, Template for Manifestos and Agenda in the folder with all relevant documents; the Voting Information will be published in time.

The General Assembly will include the elections for Board Members, Advisory Board Members and Auditors for the 2021/22 term and thereby have a significant impact on the organisation for the upcoming year, so we encourage all members to check that they are still extraordinary members with voting rights (i.e. paying the annual membership fee) and participate in our organisational democracy!

If you can’t make it to the event, you have the opportunity to transfer your vote until Saturday, 19 June, to someone who can come. For this, see further information in the Notice of Date and the Proxy Statement.

For those interested in running for elections, please be reminded to send your manifesto to electoralcommission2021@eyp.at until Friday, 11 June, 23:59 CEST.

If you intend to come, we would appreciate it if you would indicate so using our Google Form! Additionally, you can add the event on Facebook.

EYP Austria Frühlingserwachen | 4 June

With lockdown restrictions easing, we’re happy to welcome you to our first physical Socialising in over half a year, taking place in Vienna this Friday, 4 June!

We’ll be meeting at the statue in the middle of Maria-Theresien-Platz (Zwidemu) at 16:00 CEST. Depending on the weather, we’ll then either just chill outside or go into one of the museums nearby (MQ, NHM, KHM). In line with the new National Strategy (1.4 Educational Value – 2.3 Membership – 3.2 Inclusion), a budget has been set up for Socialisings with an educational value that ticket costs will be covered by EYP Austria should we end up going to a museum!

In the interest of the participants’ safety and in an effort to protect public health, we will practice social distancing during the Socialising. If we go into a museum, you will need to wear an FFP2 mask, so make sure to bring one!

Newbies and long-time EYPers alike are very welcome and we can always provide you with information on EYP Austria if you want to know more about our organisation. Either way, just tell us if you intend to come via Facebook or by filling out our Google Form. Should you have any questions, just contact me (Philipp Leindl | philipp.leindl@eyp.at), who is in charge of the Socialising.

EYP Austria Online Game Night | 7 June

For our next online Socialising, we’re inviting you to an online game night with games like Jackbox, Codenames and skribbl.io. Should you not know these games, don’t worry, they’re all easily explained and it’s not about winning anyway – it’s the fun that counts!

The event is taking place next Monday, 7 June, 19:00 CEST on Zoom. Just click on the link here to join the meeting at the mentioned time:

Meeting ID: 919 7703 8781
Passcode: eypaustria

If you’re still new to EYP or have never participated in one of our events, you’re also very welcome to join, as there will be the opportunity to get some information on EYP Austria and EYP in general for those interested. Just indicate if you intend to come via Facebook or by filling out our Google Form. For further information, you can contact Bernie Schwarz (bernadette.schwarz@eyp.at), who is in charge of the Socialising.

EYP Austria Zeit im Board | 6 June

With the General Assembly coming up, the Board of EYP Austria wants to offer the chance to get in touch with current Board Members through the tried and true Zeit im Board format. We hope this will be of interest to anyone interested in a Board position for the academic year 2021/22, or anyone generally interested in the work of the Board of EYP Austria!

The Zeit im Board will take place on Sunday, 6 June, from 17:00 to 18:00 CEST on Zoom. The entire current Board will be available during that period and offer breakout rooms to the attendees based on their individual interests regarding Board functions and responsibilities. You can join the them through this link:

Meeting ID: 970 2898 3971
Passcode: eypaustria

If you can’t make it to the Zeit im Board, you can always just reach out to the Board Members directly; their contact information is available on our website (https://eyp.at/team/).

Should you plan to come by, just let us know via Facebook or by filling out our Google Form. You can contact Bernie Schwarz (bernadette.schwarz@eyp.at), President of EYP Austria, in case of any questions.

Call for Socialisings

The ESC Team, with Tobias in charge of Socialising matters, is again calling for Socialisings! This is part of our monthly Socialising Calls, which are opened at the beginning of every month. Currently, we are specifically looking for events that should take place any day from now to roughly the beginning of July.

Organising a Socialising is very simple, which is why we want to encourage our members to try it themselves. You simply need an idea for an activity, a date and a time, and you’re good to go! For further guidance, the ESC Team has also created a Socialising Guide that you can use as a point of reference.

Unlike other calls in EYP, there will be no selection. Instead, we will approach everyone who reaches out to us immediately! You can submit your Socialising ideas until Sunday, 13 May using this form.

For further information, you can contact Tobias (tobias.gradenegger@eyp.at), who is responsible for Socialisings.