European Future Forum | 14 April

On Wednesday, 14 April 2021, EYP Austria is hosting a new event format for the first time: the European Future Forum with the topic “Europe and China: whose future are we heading towards?”.

Over the course of the English-language programme lasting from 9:00 to 13:00 CEST, there will be a crash course on the EU and its functioning in regard to foreign policy, an expert talk on the EU/China topic by our special guest Philipp Brugner, and discussions about possible solutions within smaller groups among the participants.

Philipp Brugner is leading project manager for EU-funded projects at ZSI – Centre for Social Innovation and writes commentaries on European politics for newspapers in Austria and Switzerland. His main interests are the EU’s relations with its Eastern Neighbourhood and the EU’s role in the world.

The event is taking place online and open to all interested individuals aged 16 and over. You can register here as a participant until 12 April 2021, 23:59 CEST.

We hope to see you there and invite you to also share this event among interested non-EYP friends!

Call for Digital Session Event Safe Persons

We are excited to announce that the call for Event Safe Persons for our Digital Sessions Pinkafeld (8 to 11 April 2021 for Officials), Styria (15 to 18 April 2021 for Officials) and Vienna (27 to 31 May 2021 for Officials) is currently open!

Find the official call document and application document here. You can apply until this Sunday, 4 April 2021, 23:59 CEST.

We’re looking forward to applications from individuals who would like to support safety and welfare within EYP!

Youth Poll on the Future of Europe

Representing the first major activity of the international EYP project “Youth Opinions on the Future of Europe” with the support of the European Parliament, we would like to share the EYP Office’s Youth Poll on the Future of Europe with you! 

The goal of the poll is to reach as many young people as possible, gather their thoughts on the relevance and importance of certain topics, and get insights into their stance on some of the most important political and topical discussions in Europe going forward. It should take you around 15 min to fill out the poll, which we believe is well worth the time for such an exciting cause!

PBM#5 Report

In the middle of March, the Board of EYP Austria had its fifth online “Physical” Board Meeting (PBM), during which it discussed important matters regarding the organisation, with Advisory Board Members also attending.

As with all PBMs, a report has been compiled to inform our Members of the subjects talked about there, as well as the results of modules that will have a concrete impact on the organisation. So make sure to check out the report of PBM#5 to get an insight into the happenings of the Board and EYP Austria at large! Most notably the Board talked about potential changes to the structure of the Board regarding responsibilities and tasks associated with portfolios, how it wants to handle the transition to the next Board periodpriorities within the new National Strategy for the remainder of the current Board period, and ways to better incorporate communicate and cooperate with schools and students (Delegates).

Minutes of the extraordinary General Assembly

The Board is hereby publishing the Minutes of the extraordinary General Assembly 2021, which included a report on the ongoing Board period, the election for the Board Member for Public Relations for the remainder of the 2020/21 term (to which Hannah Aichhorn has been elected) and a call to check out the new National Strategy 2021-2025.

Big thanks to the eGA Secretaries Karim Tahawar and Julia Kikel for their quick and thorough work in minuting the eGA!

Calls for Delegates

After a recent call extension, we want to remind you of the Delegate Calls for our upcoming sessions. If you are interested in participating in events that will allow you to debate issues on a European level with other committed youths, or know someone who you think would enjoy such an experience, now’s the time!

  • Digital Session Pinkafeld: 9 to 11 April 2021
  • Digital Session Styria: 16 to 18 April 2021
  • Digital National Session Vienna: 28 to 31 May 2021

You can find all calls and further information, such as deadlines, here. Make sure to sign up soon to secure your spot; the call for the Digital Sessions is open until 14 (Pinkafeld) and 28 March (Styria & Vienna) 2021, 23:59 CET!

EYP Austria Contact Form

The Board of EYP Austria would like to remind you of the chance to send anonymous messages to the Board as a whole, which can be about feedback, new ideas, or anything you want to communicate to us. Whether you don’t know which Board Member would be best to approach for a situation, you don’t know any of the Board Members, or you’re uncomfortable with reaching out to us personally, the EYP Austria Contact Form can serve as a way to get your message out to us.

New submissions to the form will immediately get forwarded to the Board, which will treat them seriously and with care. Please note that if you don’t leave any contact information behind, we will not be able to get back to you personally, though we will still react publicly to relevant messages.

Of course, you can still also just approach the Board Members directly about any of your concerns and we’re always glad to interact with our members!