National Strategy 2021-2025

With the passing of the old year, we have left behind our old National Strategy 2016-2020 (find the report here), which means that the new National Strategy 2021-2025 now lies ahead. After the Boards 2019/20 and 20/21 have both worked on this guiding document, asking for the members’ input along the way, we would like to again put it up to you before we start working with it.

This means that we invite you to have a look at our Final Draft before we hold a digital Strategy Meeting on 31 January during which the Board of EYP Austria will officially present the new strategy (further information will follow soon) and the members will get to vote on the adoption of the strategy. Leading up to this meeting, we are asking you to give us input on what we have worked on so far. Until 24 January, you can comment on the Goals of the strategy using this form. You can re-use the form for as many Goals as you wish; all form input will be considered by the Board and any eventual changes will be presented at the Strategy Meeting.

Thank you for helping us improve our organisation long-term!