National Selection Conference Graz 2023

Last week our biggest event of the year, the National Selection Conference took place in Graz from 20 to 24 April 2023. We would like to thank the Head-Organisers Hanna Mayr and Luca Peinsold who dedicated so much time and effort into organising this event for over 8 months with care and dedication. 

The session took place under the theme of “rising to a new sphere” and managed to gather more than 100 participants from 22 countries. It made great contributions to EYP Austrias sustainability efforts, gave many of our members the chance to become Officials and introduced a new generation of delegates to our organisation. 

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Hereby, we wish to showcase all Members of the EYP Austria who were directly involved in shaping the National Selection Conference Graz. Thank you for all your work and dedication! We are happy to see so many of you take part in our events, starting as delegates in the last years and now flourishing as Officials. Thank you Hanna Mayr (Head-Organiser), Luca Peinsold  (Head-Organiser), Bernd Stelzl (Core-Organiser), Florian Huber (Organiser), Mauro Baumann (Organiser), Constantin Renner (Organiser), Selina Schweng (Organiser), Yannick Tu (Organiser), Vedad Misirlic (President), Ilya Gulya (Chairperson), Simon Gartner (Chairperson), Thomas “Foxie” Micheler (Editor), Elena Macura (Media Team Member), Marlen Seelos (Media Team Member), Marco Spellas (Media Team Member), Paula Mayr (Media Team Member), Lisa Weinberger (Jury Member), L Zöhrer (Event Safe Person), Marcel Kranixfeld (Event Safe Person) and especially Emily Usner as NC Representative and Session Mentor.