National Selection Conference Graz 2023 taking place

We are excited that the National Selection Conference is currently taking place in the beautiful city of Graz in Styria. Yesterday CMJO Training happened, today the Session has officially begun and will last until 24 April. 

The topic of this year’s National Selection Conference is “rising to a new sphere”. With this topic, the Head-OrganisersHanna Mayr and Luca Peinsold hope to meet all participants where they are and then support them to understand diverse, complex topics from different angles to form their own opinions on current issues. They want to offer them a platform to develop themselves, make new friends and realise their own potential.

Right now the Session has gathered more than 100 young Europeans at the town hall for the opening ceremony of the annual National Selection Conference of the European Youth Parliament Austria. We are honoured to have guest speakers from the TPA group and the city of Graz present. You can follow along with the session via our social media channels including both instagram and facebook.

Hereby, we wish to showcase all Members of the EYP Austria who were directly involved in shaping the National Selection Conference Graz. Thank you for all your work and dedication! We are happy to see so many of you take part in our events, starting as delegates in the last years and now flourishing as Officials. 

Thank you Hanna Mayr (Head-Organiser), Luca Peinsold  (Head-Organiser), Bernd Stelzl (Core-Organiser), Florian Huber (Organiser), Mauro Baumann (Organiser), Constantin Renner (Organiser), Selina Schweng (Organiser), Yannick Tu (Organiser), Vedad Misirlic (President), Ilya Gulya (Chairperson), Simon Gartner (Chairperson), Thomas “Foxie” Micheler (Editor), Elena Macura (Media Team Member), Marlen Seelos (Media Team Member), Marco Spellas (Media Team Member), Paula Mayr (Media Team Member), Lisa Weinberger (Jury Member), L Zöhrer (Event Safe Person), Marcel Kranixfeld (Event Safe Person) and especially Emily Usner as NC Representative and Session Mentor.​