National Safe Person 2022/23

We are thrilled to introduce you to EYP Austria’s new National Safe Person for the academic year of 2022/23 – Hannah Amanda Aichhorn! 

Here are a few words by our new NSP: 

“Hello everyone, my name is Hannah and it’s my honour to introduce myself as the new National safe person of this year. A few words about me I am currently 21 years old and live in Vienna. I study art history at the University and work part-time in a museum which I find pretty fancy. I love listening to music and reading. It’s something I always do if I’m not looking at art.

The motivation for this year is especially to adapt our sessions and our Network for the after-pandemic personal health environment. Especially in terms of touch, I hope to create spaces to help our Network and especially our NC within its session and events to be more neurodivergent friendly and give you room online and in person where you can voice your ideas and concerns to our NC. If you need someone to talk to, I will always listen. 

I hope you will join me on this journey to make a much safer space here in Austria.”