Organising kick-off: Austrian National Conference – Vienna 2012

Actually, head-organisers Teresa Stadler and Ronja Seyrl have started organising the next Austrian National Conference in April this year already. But as it takes more than two to organise an EYP session, they have assembled a team of nine organisers.

On the weekend of the 19./20. November, the organising team gathered in Vienna for some teambuilding and organisers’ training. After a day of Teambuilding near Prater the organising team sat together to get down to and discuss the tough business of organising, from the session concept over fundraising to the venues; the ultimate common goal: giving the very best to provide a high-quality EYP session!

About the session

The Austrian National Conference 2012 will be the Youth Summit on Generations & Integration. The session will take place in Vienna from the 26. to the 30. April 2012. Further information, calls for officials and invitations for schools are to be published soon. Besides the official session logo, we are also proud to announce that Bentley James Yaffe (TR) shall preside the session.


Session Theme

Under the motto ‘Bridge the gap!’, the session’s topics will deal with integration (immigration, etc.) issues as well as multiple generations, inspired by 2012 as the European year for active ageing (…and solidarity between generations).

→ The European Parliament’s Press Release ‘2012: European Year for Active Ageing … and Solidarity between Generations’

Opening Statement of Lambert van Nistelrooij on the European Year 2012 for Active Ageing at the EPP Hearing of Mrs. Zaborska on 21 October 2011.