Model European Union Strasbourg 2022

MEUS, organized in the European Parliament in Strasbourg since 2007, is the most real-life simulation of EU policy-making, organized by BETA France (Bringing Europeans Together Association). Each spring almost 200 young people meet in Strasbourg to take up roles of

  • Members of the European Parliament, 
  • Ministers, 
  • Commissioners, 
  • Lobbyists, 
  • Interpreters and 
  • Journalists 

and discuss pressing issues on the European agenda. By participating in MEUS, participants gain a deeper understanding of the political climate within the EU as well as the ability to apply this knowledge in everyday life situations. Participants can also improve their rhetoric and negotiation skills and have an opportunity to make friends and build professional connections with young people and partner organizations from Europe and beyond. 

For the year 2022, the conference will take place from the 7th till the 12th of November in Strasbourg. This year is of special significance to a long-running youth project such as ours due to it being the European Year of Youth, an important period to celebrate and encourage young people and their achievements. The topics we have selected for the upcoming conference are improving working conditions for online platform work and the social climate fund.

The application period is currently running from 25.07.2022 to 22.08.2022. The application for one or more roles can be submitted online using the following link: Provided the application is successful and the roles have been assigned, the preparation phase will begin, during which participants will prepare for the simulation with the help of the organisers of the event. If you are interested in this project you can find more information here.