EYP Mini Session Bad Ischl

On March 15th, around 60 students from the schools HAK/HAS and BG&BRG Bad Ischl participated in the Mini Session located in the health resort Bad Ischl. In this event, the students discussed current and important topics ranging from same sex marriage to drug decriminalisation. The goal of the session was to discuss and analyse prevalent topics and problems of our society and the European Union which might define or affect the future of both our lives and Europe. An emphasis also lay on understanding, respecting and accepting other opinions. Throughout the session, which was composed of Teambuilding exercises and Committee Work, leading up to the General Assembly, the session’s Officials encouraged students to reflect on their opinions, make up their minds on the subjects as well as identify problems and work on a solution. In the end, the different committees came together in the General Assembly to present and discuss their results with each other. The efforts of both Delegates and Officials resulted in a very successful and interesting session which we were all happy to participate in.