Members Weekend 2020

We are happy to announce that Lea Pfau will be the Head-Trainer of this year’s Members Weekend! The event will take place from 31 July to 2 August 2020 by the Waldschacher Lake in Wettmannstätten (Styria).

The Members Weekend is the perfect opportunity to develop strengths and abilities, to get to know EYP even better and, most importantly, to meet new friends and reconnect with old ones. The participation fee will be 40€.

On Saturday, 1 August, there will be a special programme for Newcomers, focusing on introductions to EYP as an organisation, trainings on being a Delegate and on writing applications. While we recommend everyone to participate for all three days, there is also the opportunity of only joining for the Newcomer Day. The fee for only participating on that day will be significantly smaller.

If you want to take part, you can register here until 17 July 23:59 CEST.