Members of EYP Austria

With our first big event of the year having taken place last weekend we want to showcase all the members of EYP Austria who were directly involved in the Regional Session Vienna 2023. Thank you for all your work and dedication! We are so happy to see so many of you take part in our events, starting as delegates in the last years and now flourishing as Officials. 

Congratulations to Todor Lankov (Head-Organiser), Lea Speringer (Organiser), Selina Schweng (Organiser), Florian Huber (Organiser), Elena Hammer (Organsier), Alena Petric (Organiser), Nico Janis (Organiser), Ilya Gulya (Chairperson), Simon Gartner (Chairperson), Marco Spellas (Media Team Member), Zia Glasenhart (Media Team Member), Natalie Mullaeva (Jury Member), Luca Peinsold (unofficial Organiser) and of course Lisa Weinberger and Elena Szegedi as NC Representatives and Session Mentors.