Members Abroad – September 11, 2021

Delegates Abroad

One of our members Ash Gruber attended the National Session of EYP Luxembourg as a delegate. You can read about his experiences here:  

“Unfortunately I was the only delegate from Austria. But that wasn’t a big problem due to the fact that friendships were made very quickly and we even went to the amusement park. In the evenings we always had very important guests like the prime minister and members of the European Parliament. But EYP wouldn’t be EYP without the academics. The topics were widely ranged, starting from illiteration til the Ukrainian war and a united european army. But it wasn’t hard to do although we were from 7 different countries. We had it relatively easy to communicate with English and so at least mine improved. Although the session lasted 4 days, it hasn’t felt that long. Time came and went over really fast. And the end of the session, hold in the european convention center in Luxemburg, was joyful but also sad. To be honest, the most difficult part was not hang out all night long talking about the sense of life and “Weltschmerz” and being able to discuss something on the next day with all the lack of sleep. No, the most difficult part was the goodbye. Because we will probably not see each other for a long day. So the whole room was fled by all the tears of sadness. So to come to a conclusion: Lux22 was one of the most amazing sessions I’ve ever had. A session full of joy but also sadness. EYP Out!

See you somewhere in Europe!”

Officials Abroad

As previously mentioned our members Lea Speringer, Theo Lankov and Emily Usner represented our NC at the National Session of EYP Switzerland in Basel this past week. 

You can read more about Emily’s experiences here: 

“The NSC Basel 2022 was undoubtedly a session to remember! From the dedicated Organising team that Lea was a part of who took such good care of all of us, the motivating Chairs team Theo got to work with who encouraged and supported delegates along the way the people of Basel were ultimately what made the session a success. Of course there are always struggles to master when working on such a large-scale project but if you trust the people you work with you will always succeed. I personally could not have been more thankful to be a part of such competent, funny and supportive teams, both Jury and Leadership and I hope to see them all again very soon somewhere in Europe;)”