Members Abroad – October 21, 2022

Officials Abroad

At the 2nd Regional Session of EYP Türkiye in Tarsus, Anna Windisch, as Editor of the Session, and Marcel Kranixfeld, as Media Team Member, will represent EYP Austria. The event is taking place from the 21 – 23 October, we wish them safe travels and insightful experiences abroad. 

Daniel Binder is going to take part as Media Team Member at the IS in Kortrijk starting next week. We are proud that he is representing EYP Austria again and wish him an incredible trip. 

Delegates Abroad

Elena Macura and Marie Mitterndorfer will represent our National Committee at  the National Selection Conference of EYP Croatia in Zagreb, which will take place from 26-30 October. We wish them all the best and a wonderful journey.

We are delighted that Hannah Reischer, Marlen Seelos, Josip Juric, Marco Spellas, Nico Janis, SImon Gartner and Yannik Tu are representing EYP Austria at the International Session in Kortrijk taking place from 29-6 November. We hope they will collect life lasting memories and enjoy the session to the fullest.