Members Abroad – November 1, 2022

Delegates Abroad

Elena Macura and Marie Mitterndorfer attended the National Selection Conference in Zagreb last week, read about their experience in the following paragraphs: 

My experience in Zagreb was wonderful. I was in the AFCO committee and our topic was the asylum system in the EU. It was quite challenging, but I was very fortunate and had an absolutely amazing committee. Aside from the committee work, we also got a tour of Zagreb (which in my opinion has a very similar vibe to Vienna). The opportunity to go abroad with EYP was so fun. The session definitely shaped me and I think I will be able to use a lot of skills I learned for the future.


Hi I’m Marie, my time in Zagreb was  amazing. I was in the PEGA committee which deals with Spyware and its use in the EU. Quite a difficult topic I must say but we got help from an expert via zoom. The time we spent not doing committee work was also wonderful. I got to see some parts of the city and we even visited a pub one evening. For me Zagreb was a really pleasant experience. I got to meet very interesting new people and I definitely upgraded my English over just a few days.