Members Abroad – August 21, 2023

Delegates Abroad

In the upcoming week Alina Weihsmann and Julian Waldbauer will represent EYP Austria at the 8th National Selection Conference in  Ljubljana taking place 24th-28th of August and we hope they will have amazing  memories and great experiences there. 

For the 9th National Selection Conference in Luxembourg we wish Severin Weh and Ash Gruber good luck and an insightful session from the 31st till the 4th of September.

Officials Abroad

We are happy to announce that EYP Austria is greatly represented at the 18th National Selection Conference in Krakow taking place from the  22nd to the 27th. Congratulations to Lisa Weinberger representing our NC as Jury Member, Luca Peinsold as Editor of the session, Magdalena Kreimer as Editorial Assistant as well as Bernd Stelzl, Maike Holzer and Anna Windisch as Media Team Members. We thank them for their contribution to our NC and hope they enjoy the session to the fullest. 

Furthermore, we have Todor Lankov and Saskia Glasenhart representing EYP Austria as Chairpersons in Ljubljana. We wish them all the best for the session and hope they gain wonderful memories.

Lastly, Elena Szegedi as a Jury Member and Todor Lankov as Chairperson will surely gain educational insights during the National Session in Liverpool in two weeks.