Members Abroad – 21 March, 2023

Delegates Abroad

Our Austrian Delegation consisting of Chiara Auer, Elena Hammer, Elena Macura, Elisabeth Bazil, Katharina Brun, Mauro Baumann and Simon Gartner represented EYP Austria at the 98th International Session of the European Youth Parliament in Tromsø. Read some of their insights below: 

“At the 98th International Session in Tromsø, Norway we got to explore the Arctic, quite literally as well as in an academic sense but the session meant so much more than that to me. I got to see a few of my oldest EYP-Friends in a session setting again which made me unbelievable happy! It was a dream exploring the coldness of Tromso with them. Especially the culture day where my Friends and me all randomly got allocated to the same activity. Our culture day activity was sledding which we thought would be sitting on sleds that are being pulled by dogs or reindeers. At the activity they handed out plastic boards which we could slide down a hill with. This seemed extremely sketchy and disappointing to us at first but it turned out be one of the highlights of the session. Not only did we fall into the snow multiple times (not only while sledding though) but we also get to see the northern Lights. On one evening in particular everyone at the session ran around and tried seeing them from the best angle. After appreciating them for approximately 15 minutes while it was freezing outside we ran back to our cabins to continue drinking tea to warm us up and talk about anything and everything.”

  • Elena Hammer

“My time in Tromsø was short but breathtaking and absolutely incredible! I was part of the PECH committee on fisheries and we worked hard to find ways to make fishing more sustainable and efficient while also keeping in mind to respect and protect indigenous fishing practices. The arctic capital Tromsø itself was beautiful in every way, we even got to see the northern lights! Sharing these beautiful memories with other delegates from all across Europe makes it all the more amazing! Personally, one of my favourites moments at the session was the eurovillage, where we could all share a little piece of our culture with each other and have fun together all evening.”

  • Chiara Auer

Officials Abroad

Saskia Glasenhart will be representing EYP Austria as Vice-President at the Regional Session of EYP Switzerland in Zürich. We wish her all the best, a comfortable journey and an insightful session. 

Emily Usner, the President of EYP Austria, will be representing our National Committee  at the Spring BNC Meeting in Berlin next week. We hope her travels will be without delays, an enjoyable time in Berlin with fellow NC representatives and are already looking forward to her insights about this renowned event of the EYP network.