Media and Communication Training

Dear NC board members and session organisers,

in cooperation with the International Office, EYP Austria is conducting a training event on “Media & Communication” which will be held in Vienna from 21st to 23rd of March 2014 (Friday to Sunday). The event will provide board members and session organisers responsible for PR, media, communication, design, etc. with a deeper knowledge and hands-on experience in the area of Corporate Design, press work and communicating EYP. This training will also be an outstanding opportunity to get to know the Austrian NC and experience our wonderful capital.

We have put together some excellent workshops lead by experienced and inspiring trainers. Grab this unique chance to dive into the world of media and communication and help us to further professionalise your NC and your sessions in this area.
Special thanks goes to the Mercator Foundation for supporting this training with a substantial grant.

We warmly invite you to be part of this training and hope to see you soon in Vienna.

Best wishes,

Jakob Etzel & Raphael Bek
(on behalf of the Board of EYP Austria as well as the Organising Team)

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