Looking For Schools: Youthparliament @ School

Have you heard of EYP and never made it to a session? OR are you interested in politics and like debating about pan-European issues?

Or are you a teacher and willing to give your students the opportunity to get to know EYP?

“Youthparliament @ School” is an event organised by EYP Austria to give new schools the possibility to participate in an EYP event. From the 23rd to 25th of March 2011 EYP Officials will travel from Vienna to Graz and to Linz to hold three one-day EYP sessions in a school in each city. Participants from other schools of this city are very welcomed to attend the event and get in touch with EYP.

Interested? Contact the Heard-Organisers via schooldays@eypaustria.org and you will get more information on how to participate.