Last Minute Call for T4ET Trainees

The T4ET (Training for EYP Trainers), taking place from 4 to 10 October in Azerbaijan, aims to provide its trainees with the necessary skills, knowledge and attitudes to facilitate meaningful learning experiences. As a trainee, you will be welcomed to a learning journey that will start with the preparation task, in-person interactions and practice rounds. The trainers’ team will prepare a carefully crafted programme for you that balances theoretical knowledge, practical tasks and opportunities for interpersonal connections.

Trainees commit to attending the full programme (no late arrivals or early departures are possible) and participating in pre-session training prior to the T4ET. There is no participation fee and there will be travel reimbursement of up to 200 euros.

If you are interested, make sure to get in touch with the Head-Trainer Nathan Hunter (nathanhunter15@gmail.comasap!