IT & Data Coordinator 2022/23 Introduction

Hello everyone! My name is Nico, and I have the honour of being your IT & Data Coordinator for the following year. A bit of information about myself before I tell you what I do: I am 17 years old and live and study Computer Science in Vienna. This passion goes back to my childhood because I never understood the necessity of doing simple tasks yourself if a computer could easily do them for you. 

In my time as the IT & Data Coordinator, I will not only be assisting EYP Austria with any issues relating to IT and its maintenance but also upgrading (or, when necessary, creating) any automated process for simplicity and efficiency. I am thrilled to be in this position, and I encourage anyone who wishes to work with me to improve IT systems for EYP Austria to reach out to me. We can better EYP Austria in our own way, whether by creating our own projects or applying necessary changes.
For processes to run smoothly, open communication also plays a massive part in IT. Therefore please feel free to contact me if you are experiencing any problems or have questions via!