Head-Organisers for 2015/16 selected

It is our greatest pleasure to announce the Head-Organisers for all EYP Austria sessions in the academic year 2015/16.

  • National Selection Conference Salzburg: Johanna Ebner & Julia Haslauer
  • Regional Session Styria: Christoph Herler & Nora Schmiedbauer
  • Regional Session Carinthia: Finja Strehmann & Teresa Sihler
  • Regional Session Vienna: Flora Böwing & Anton Dirlinger
  • EYP Day Burgenland: Robin Hietz & Valerie Berger
  • EYP Day Upper Austria: Susanne Thomic & Veronika Reisinger
  • EYP Day the Tyrol: Mathea Marktl, Pia Marktl & Philipp Neuner

For any inquiries concerning the selection of this year’s Head-Organisers, please approach Maria Köpping (maria.koepping@eypaustria.org).