Head-Organiser Introduction – Part II

This week we are once again continuing our “Introduction to EYP Austria”-Series by focusing on the second set of the Session Head-Organisers in 2023! Head-Organisers are the ones that shape our Sessions, the main events of the year, and invest much time and effort into the future generations of our organisation. 

After having introduced the Head-Organisers of our National Selection Conference a few weeks back, this issue focuses on the Head-Organisers of our Regional Sessions! Todor Lankov will be organising the Regional Session Vienna 2023 and Oliver Beckett will be leading the Regional Session Salzburg 2023. You can read more about them below: 

Todor Lankov – RS Vienna 2023

“Hello, my name is Theo and I’m a fake Austrian who is Head-Organising an Austrian session in its capital. Being born in Bulgaria and now living in Vienna is one of my interesting facts and the reason why I chose the session theme “PeacEfUl Collaboration: a European Union  without boundaries”. This is my third year in EYP  and I’m super excited, as well as motivated, to continue participating in this amazing little world. Contributing to EYP and giving back to the community that has already given me so much, is one of my goals of the session. In my free time, I like to play the beautiful game of basketball and from time to time I even find myself running, hence why I’ll give participants the opportunity to practise sports with me throughout the session. Lastly, I think it’s important to state that I’m very excited about the session and I’m hoping to find you there as well!”

Oliver Beckett – RS Salzburg 2023

“Hey there I am Oliver, 18 years old and this years Head-Organiser of the Regional Session Salzburg. Apart from the EYP I am a highschool student with a variety of intrests, like dancing, playing music or fashion. I am so greatful to be able to head organise this session, which has the theme:”socioeconomic EqUality – ensuring a just European society”.  I really want to make the topic visable throughout the session, as this is an EU wide issue which affects a big part of the population. Realising a session, which is accessible and insclusive as possible. I hope you are looking forward to Salzburg 2023!” 
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