Head-Organiser Introduction – Part I

This week we are once again continuing our “Introduction to EYP Austria”-Series with a new group of people who are a big part of our NC this year – the Session Head-Organisers! The Head-Organisers are the ones that shape our Sessions, the main events of the year, and invest much time and effort into the future generations of our organisation. 

We are starting off by introducing Hanna Mayr and Luca Peinsold who are head-organising our flagship event of the year, the National Selection Conference Graz 2023! 


Hi, I’m Hanna, I’m 23 years old and I’m currently in my final semester of my studies, International Tourism and Event management. Next to that, I also work in the tourism industry. I started with EYP in 2017 it sparked my love for both organising events and travelling. Apart from that, I enjoy reading, going out with friends, embroidery and drinking excessive amounts of coffee. 


Hello, my name is Luca and I am 22 years old and currently working as an IT Consultant. In addition to that, I love to do EYP events and I am pretty interested in media. I started EYP in 2018 because of my passion for traveling and media work.

Session Vision

The NSC Graz 2023 will take place from 21 to 24 April 2023 under the theme “Rising to a New Sphere”. For us, this means meeting all participants where they are and then supporting them in their personal development towards understanding diverse, complex topics from different angles to form their own opinions on current issues. We want everyone to take this opportunity and gain as much as possible from participating in our event.