Guiding Value of the Board 2021/22

In the tradition of the previous Boards, the current one has also determined a guiding value for its term under the supervision of the Advisory Board.

This year, the Board will focus on “Mehrwert”, the benefits and perks that members of EYP Austria, session participants, team leaders and members, and even Board Members themselves can get through EYP activities and in their positions. Specifically, this means all types of learning experiences and educational opportunities that can come with different tasks in the organisation. Furthermore, it also includes the friendships that are made through EYP, and even the simple joy of partaking in EYP activities itself.

Through the format of the guiding value and with the help of the Advisory Board, we want to put these aspects of EYP Austria at the top of the agenda – without sidelining the other important parts of our work. Concretely, this will happen through personal goals of Board Members, but the guiding value will also be something that the Board will refer to in light of decisions for the organisation, and will become a part of how the Board approaches its day-to-day business as well.

We hope that we can get you on board with our guiding value and that it will have a positive impact on EYP Austria!