Graz 2014: Call for Members of the Media Team

EYP Austria is hosting a milestone session, the Austrian National Conference Graz 2014, from 24th to 28th of April 2014 (from 23rd for officials). Being an official UNESCO city of design, Graz holds vast creative energy, and is also one of the most innovative cities in Austria.
Graz 2014 will mark the 15th anniversary of Austrian National Conferences. The organising team is compiling wisdom and experience from past years into a five-day programme, including special events such as an anniversary gala, a panel debate and an extensive training programme for officials.

We are now looking for 8 Journalists, one Video Editor, one Photo Editor and one Editorial Assistant.
The Media Team will be led by Berkok Yüksel (TR). His work will be supported by the President of the session, Dimitris Zacharias (GR) and the Head-Organisers Eva Reitbauer and Sebastian Hojas.

The main aim of the media team will be to create a complete journalistic experience in a professional context. Therefore, the essential ingredient will be writing. As the focus is on the quality of the content produced, journalists will have extensive pre-session preparation and training. During the session, on the other hand, the emphasis will be on personal development. Through the modules and workshops of the editorial team, journalists will get the chance to see, learn about and discuss different aspects of journalism.

Graz will be a unique session with its focus on the Digital Agenda. Hence, it would be only natural if the media aspect of the session is web-based. The main written output will be shared to participants and the rest of the EYP community alike, through an online platform.

The Editorial Assistant will be in charge of the design as well as the operation, coordination of this base and also focus on academic quality.
The medium of film will constitute the primary visual output of the media team. Although the videos will aim both to entertain and to inform, it will be up to the Video Editor and the journalists to define the concept of the output. The Video Editor in charge of the process, will be an integrated part of the team and will work together with journalists to produce the videos.
One special aspect of the session will be its emphasis on photography, through the efforts of the Photo Editor. The Photo Editor will be in charge of session documentation as well as focusing on the training of journalists in the field of photography.

Please submit the application form by Sunday, 2nd of March, 23:59 CET, to The organisers are very happy to answer any questions via Mail or Facebook.