German Summer Fora 2011

During the summer, EYP Germany hosted three interesting Fora with different topics. Many international attendants were part of three unique and exciting EYP-experiences and worked hard to produced some really interesting resolutions and much more!

Lake constance – European Youth Summit on Climate Change and Adaptation Strategies

Over 100 delegates gathered in Friedrichshafen for six days to discuss the profound effects of climate change and develop possible adaptation strategies. With Europe’s youth being the first generation to experience the climate debate and at the same time the generation of future decision making, the session was an extremely valuable and just as relevant contribution to the ongoing Climate Change and the debates around it.
The session itself didn’t stop the focus on the environment at the topics. Things ranging from vegetarian meals to special energy-saving chords presented the participants of the session to critically think about the environment and its future.

Photo by Noura Barrouba (SE)

Weimar – Triangle of the Youth

Austrian representatives: Raphael Bek (Chairperson)

The Weimar Triangle is a loose formation of France, Germany and Poland. It was originally aimed at helping Polant to emerge from its Communist rule and to join the European Union. The triangle holds regular summit meetings and maintains several other lower-level connections extending the range of topics to cultural areas some others. In light of the 20th anniversary of the triangle, EYP Germany held this forum as part of a series of events celebrating the occasion. the delegates of the session came from the Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany and Poland. Besides working on several interesting topics relevant to the triangle, the participants of the session were given several great opportunities to discover more about the political ménage à trios.

Photo by Lluis Solervicens (ES)

Wiesbaden – International Forum on Integration

Austrian representatives: Jelena Stevanovic (Delegate), Lia Pachler (Delegate)

The third German Summer Forum was different from typical EYP sessions in terms of structure. Besides the classical discussion of the committee topics, the 60 international participants plunged into a second round of work in which they helped various selected project partners come up with new ideas dealing with integration. Thanks to the concept, the session enjoyed a high attendance of public figures and received the according and deserved attention. Hence, the session did not only produce a Resolution Booklet, but also a Project Booklet, which was discussed in a separate plenary session.
Photo by Leo Kaindl (DE)

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