General Assembly Update & Policy Amendment

It is our pleasure to announce that the General Assembly 2021, taking place online on Sunday, 20 June, from 13:00 CEST onwards, will have Patrick DeutschmannMatthias Klonner and Maria Köpping acting as the electoral commission ( Additionally, Elke Zöhrer and Tobias Gradenegger will be in charge of the GA minutes as secretaries. We want to already thank all of them for their engagement for the organisation in their roles!

In the same vein, we want to hereby inform you that to allow for a three-person electoral commission, the Board of EYP Austria had to amend the Policy on Elections, which previously required exactly two commissioners. This has now been changed to “at least two” commissioners, of which we want to hereby inform you in line with EYP Austria’s Policy procedure. During the upcoming General Assembly, this amendment will be up for debate and can be revoked again.

You can find all Policies of EYP Austria and the Policy procedure here in a dedicated folder on the EYP AT Drive.