General Assembly Election Results

After the General Assembly on Sunday, we would like to announce the results of the elections for 2021/22 term:


  • President: Philipp Leindl
  • International Coordination & Vice-President: Ferdinand Mayrhofer
  • Human Resources & Vice-President: Emily Usner
  • National Coordination: Lisa Weinberger
  • Fundraising: Sophia Yazdani Biuki
  • Public Relations: Hannah Aichhorn
  • Finances: Luca Peinsold

Advisory Board

  • Lisa Fuchsberger
  • Marvin Huber
  • Anna Tauber


  • Robin Hietz
  • Fiona Rechberg

We congratulate everyone on their positions and want to extend big thanks to the exiting President Bernadette Schwarz and the exiting Advisory Board Members Lukas BurnarTamina Huber and Matthias Schwertner!

Additionally, we’re very grateful to the Electoral Commission made up of Patrick DeutschmannMatthias Klonner and Maria Köpping, who are hereby providing a Record and Certification of the elections, as well as the GA Secretaries Tobias Gradenegger and L Zöhrer, who will soon be providing us with the Minutes of the GA!