General Assembly 2012

The 2012 General Assembly of EYP Austria on June 16 in Vienna was the opportunity to say thank you to the leaving Board, with the marvellous Schima Labitsch as past President. EYP-ers from all over Austria gathered to elect their new Board, consisting of six well-experienced alumni that will manage the National Committee during the next period of one year.

After welcoming words by Schima Labitsch, Mr Daniel Gerer, Secretary General of the European Young Federalists in Austria, opened the General Assembly with a short speech. Together with the annual report 2011, the leaving Board presented the numerous events and sessions of the past year, including the EYP Days in Vienna, Graz and Villach, EYP on Ski, the National Conference 2012 in Vienna and the Alumni Weekend. Maria-Anna Grasl, as leaving Treasuress, explained the current financial figures.

The General Assembly discharged the old board and elected the proposed candidates for their respective positions. The General Assembly expressed their appreciation for the work of the leaving Board with applause and welcomed the new one.

With the European Youth Forum Tulln 2012 (August 16 – 21), EYP Austria will once more show perfect organisational skills. Head organiser Fabian Sommerer invited the present GA participants to participate and announced Mr Stamos Tahas from Greece as the session’s President. Further projects for the beginning board year include four EYP Days, EYP on Ski and the NSC 2013 in Vienna.

The General Assembly got closed by Schima Labitsch and all participants were invited to socialising.

The Board of EYP Austria 2012/13:

  • Teresa Stadler, President
  • Johanna Fürst, Vice-President (International Relations)
  • Raphael Bek, Vice-President (National Relations)
  • Sarah König, Treasuress
  • Jakob Etzel, Member of the Board (Public Relations)
  • Sarah Streicher, Member of the Board (Delegate Support)