EYPers of the Month: May

In May EYP Austria would like to honour 2 exceptional members who stepped outside their comfort zones and step by step – or more precisely “bit by byte” – formed this season’s grand event: the European Youth Summit in Graz which was EYP Austria’s 15th National Session and took place from the 24th to 28th of April in the Mediterranean city of Graz.

The before mentioned are Eva Reitbauer and Sebastian Hojas, aka HO Mummy and HO Daddy, who committed themselves to (head-)organising a session themed around the modern technologies that surround us and their impacts on everybody’s lives more than 10 months ago.

Eva, a student of Geomatics Engineering and Sebastian, a Software Development and Business student at Graz University of Technology, were ideally suited to prepare a joyful yet academically ambitious setting in which Officials and Delegates could show their best. With dedication, determination and thorough preparation Eva and Sebastian successfully contributed their own ideas concerning this special Anniversary Session and proved their outstanding organisational skills various times.

Eva and Sebastian, who led their passionate team of organisers with trust and calm, guided 150 participants smoothly through one of their first contacts with the European Youth Parliament. It was also their personal, unconventional paths within our organisation that impressed and amazed many.

Sebastian started his impressive EYP career at 2010’s National Session in Vienna and has ever since gained lots of international experience in nearly every function possible but especially in the field of media and EYP journalism. Eva joined the EYP at the 1st International Youth Forum Leipzig in 2011, participated in various sessions nationally and internationally and was the first head-organiser of a National Session to have head-organised before: last summer she was part of the European Youth Forum Graz’ head-organiser-team.

Dear Eva and Sebastian, EYP Austria is proud to call you its members and wants to thank for your fantastic work! We are looking forward to what’s coming next for you and wish you all the best!