EYPers of the month: January

Our EYPers of the month January are Eva Puschautz and Nina Thomic. They are the head-organisers of the first Austrian Regional Session Melk 2014. Eva and Nina applied to organise this session with a clear idea of teamwork in mind, complemented by the conviction that their different personalities would balance each other.
In addition to their own impressive experience in organising in- and outside of EYP, their motivation and dedication, they assembled a great mix of organisers to organise the session with them.

The team has worked on the project passionately, under great leadership of Eva and Nina. They managed to manoeuvre several obstacles, and successfully contributed their own ideas to the project. Their cooperation with the Board and various officials before the session was pleasant and utterly professional.
One of Eva’s and Nina’s key motivations was to help shape the concept of Regional Sessions in EYP Austria. Melk 2014 has been an enjoyable session for all participants, and held several delightful surprises.

Finally, we are grateful for the great work that both girls have done for this project. The commitment to EYP Austria’s quality standards, and the fun and charm you brought to the session, are both part of the unique character of Austrian sessions.

Thank you for everything. We are proud to have you two competent, inspired and powerful young women working with us.