EYPers of the Month: February

Julia König and Sarah Streicher were those two people without whom the EYP Day Linz 2014 would not have happened the way it did. Julia & Sarah head-organised this event together and thereby contributed to the expansion of EYP Austria by taking the concept of an EYP Day to yet another different city. As Head-Organisers they have set up a great scaffold which would turn into a fantastic event for every participant.

They both started their EYP journey at the Austrian National Conference in 2011 and have ever since gathered experience in various positions. Their organising career has begun at the Austrian National Conference in Linz 2013. From then on they have become an even greater asset to the whole National Committee. Sarah has also challenged herself with the position of a board member in 2012/13 and as Regional Coordinator for Upper Austria, while Julia does not back down from any other position in the EYP.

When not involved in the development of EYP Austria, Julia & Sarah study in Vienna and enjoy the company of their friends. EYP Austria is very fortunate to call Julia and Sarah two of its members. Julia and Sarah are valuable parts of our organisation and we are excited to see what their future in the EYP and in life will look like.