EYP-ers of the Month: March & April

Lena Strehmann joined EYP Austria in 2011, when she attended the National Conference in Vienna as a delegate. She subsequently got selected to represent Austria at the 69th International Session of the European Youth Parliament to be held in Istanbul in March 2012. At that time, Lena had already realised her first session as a Head-Organiser, the EYP Day Villach 2012, and besides participating in further sessions and events as Organiser and delegate she eventually became Regional Coordinator for EYP Carinthia.

Tobias Satlow attended his first session as a delegate at the First Interregional Youth Forum Graz in summer 2010. He then started an exceptional EYP career, being Delegate, Trainee, Chairperson, Organiser, Vice-pPresident and Head-Organiser at numerous sessions in Austria and abroad. Tobias has been a Delegate to the 67th International Session of the European Youth Parliament in Grenoble in July 2011 and he is going to be a chairperson at the upcoming Austrian National Conference in Linz, April 2013.

Both Lena and Tobias have been the Head-Organisers of the recent EYP Day Villach 2013. The event gathered more than 50 young students from Carinthia and the Tyrol and offered them an insight into the world of the EYP. We all would like to congratulate you for this perfectly organised session and for your contributions to EYP Carinthia!

EYP Austria is very happy to have such motivated and efficient members aboard. We are very excited for what is coming up next. Keep up your motivation, Lena & Tobias!