EYP-er of the Month: January

January, 8th 2013 has been a great day for EYP Styria, although not the best for this month’s EYP-er of the Month. Marc Fischer, head-organiser of the EYP Day Graz 2013 has missed the final moment of months of preparation because he was confined to his bed. We want to say thank you to him for this great event!

Marc started his career in EYP as a delegate at the NSC 2010 and has been a delegate and organiser at numerous session so far. Currently, he is EYP Styria’s Regional Coordinator. As a member of the EYP Austria web team he is known for his knowledge in IT and media. We are looking forward to his contributions as a member of the organizing team of both the 2013 National Session in Linz and the International Forum in Graz.

It is a great pleasure for EYP Austria to have such talented and promising contributers! Thank you Marc!