EYP-er of the Month: December


Our EYP-er of the Month December is Kathi Radler.

Kathi is Regional Coordinator of EYP Salzburg and the Head Organiser of the second EYP Day in Salzburg.
She started EYP in 2011 at the NSC in Vienna and was selected to represent EYP Austria at the IS in Istanbul in 2012. Caught by her passion for EYP she head-organized together with Johanna Egger the first EYP Day in Salzburg last year, which was a big success.

In April this year Kathi started her Chair’s career at the NSC in Linz.

In August Kathi moved to India for 3 months, but this was no reason for her not to Head-Organise an event for EYP Austria again. 6,500 kilometers away from Salzburg she handled a team of 6 organizers and supported them whenever she could. In October she came back to Austria and arranged everything locally. In the last months she not only proved her experience, motivation and passion for EYP Austria, but also her skills of leading a team and head-organising an amazing event.

Kathi currently studies at the University of Passau in Germany and she loves riding horses.

We are very happy to have such a dedicated and motivated member in our organization and wish her all the best for her future.